Sunday, February 08, 2009

The Raven Sketches (Three in Andrea's)

All made with pens from Andrea. Plus: colored pencil, gouache,
gouache dry brush.


Moineau En France said...

i was showing your art to my partner of 16 yrs, ron, tonight and i came upon this set; oh wow! i do love ravens/crows/sparrows/hummingbirds, all birds. and trees. and your husband's face! i love all your art. ron said you should be in the smithsonian! (i agree.) you are a natural, mary. ron asked me to send him your site; he's awed, he says you live to draw... all love, all support. xoxoxox laura & ron

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Laura, you are so totally sweet!!

I do like to draw.

Love to, in fact.

Right now, I am working on some novels. That is taking so much TIME from my drawing, my painting, and my poetry!