Monday, May 16, 2011

1st half of a collaboration with Ammon Perry

This is my first piece in Mike's Round 3 sketchbook and it is my collaboration for Ammon, 1st half. I haven't named it because I do not know what Ammon will make of it. Click image to view larger.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Walk with Caroline

On Monday, Caroline and I had lunch at Blufin--a fabulous, tasty (if pricey) lunch, read each other's poetry, and then walked at Pier Park. We walked and talked and looked at dead things on the beach, mussel shells, perch that a gull was eating, crayfish (we only found the claws, bluegills and pumpkinseeds, and a plethora of think dried out crumbling fish. I told her how I loved the dead carp with their wide scales and bony skulls. I was afraid she might think I was a nutcase, but she seemed to accept that--and then we found a carp. I came home and painted it for her.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Lotus Meditation for Lost Souls

This is done in Faber-Castell PITT Artist brush pens, pens, pencils, colored pencils. The second is the two-page spread. It wouldn't fit on my scanner so I took a snap. Sorry about the reflections. Image size increases slightly when clicked upon.

Blood from a stone

The first one is a sort of continued collaboration with Steve Loya. I loved his splotch monster so much, that is, my version of it, posted here, that I made a second one with the Virginia character on the top, turned the other way. I gave her a whip and a flower. The painting is water color and unfortunately, I made it way too big to fit in a pocket, so I made two small prints, one for Mike, and one for Roma.

The second one is for mike, for his pocket, in his round 2 mole.

I have two moles at my house now, Roma's round 3 and Mike's from round 2. I am currently working on a piece in Roma's which I had hoped to finish last night but was thwarted by my own slowness. Click images to view larger.