Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jacob Meets Merjon

This is from (for) my as yet unfinished children's picture book, tentatively titled Jacob, Merjon and the Great Fish. By unfinished, I mean I haven't even finished writing it--I do have a first draft. This page comes earlier in the book than the previous one and they are not contiguous or continuous in the book.

I wanted to put text on, but stupidly, I forgot to leave room! :-(

These are the only pieces I've made so far--I haven't decided on a medium, but I may actually use these (or the scans of them) IF I can clean them up OK. (Otherwise, they may be "studies" for the book.) They did not scan perfectly because my scanner is not that great and the nook is not flat. This page has an acrylic painting on the other side. You can see the texture of it right through the paper.

Friday, March 25, 2011

WeekWord: Fugacious

This week's WeekWord, hosted by Joye, is Fugacious, which means fleeting. Because it is spring, and I am so eager for spring wildflowers, I painted this picture of a Bloodroot. Flowers, like people, like stars, are ephemeral. But what is even more ephemeral are the two sepals on the bloodroot bud. The are deciduous, and fall off as soon at the flower opens. Once it is opened, it has only petals, and when it closes again in rain or darkness, there are no fugacious sepals left.

I did this in Artrage on my iPad. I did it fairly hastily (for me), brand new for the challenge, and without any constant reference materials, though I did peek occasionally at googly searched fleurs. Click image to view slightly larger.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jacob and the Waterspout

This is my third page in Ballookey's Mole. It is an illustration (or study for an illustration) from my as yet untitled brand newly written children's book. The temporary title is, Jacob, Merjon, and the Dream Fish. It's (obviously) a children's picture book. This page occurs several pages into the book, but it's the first one I've done. I have not decided yet what medium I want to work in, but I kind of like the line drawing. However, I wanted fog, and I don't know how to create fog in a line drawing in pen and ink. Micron 005 pen. Click image to view larger--click again to view even larger.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

self-portrait on old Indian Motorcycle

I was inspired by Andrea's portrait of me in my motorcycle gear to do a self portrait on an Indian. In 1964-65 (I'm giving away my age here, if you didn't already know it), I owned a 1949 Indian. This is not it, but an older one I used for the art. I have, believe it or not, NO pictures of that amazing motorcycle. But I had fun--on the bike(s) and on the art. I did the piece in metallic markers, but you can't tell in the scan.