Friday, April 25, 2008

Postcard from Piran

Postcard from Piran, by Mary Stebbins Taitt.

My daughter, D2, otherwsie known as Brown-eyed Girl, collects
postcards, so I've been trying to paint one for her at each of my
painting classes. This is the one I painted yesterday. I didn't
think it was all that great, but everyone in class including the
teacher praised it (maybe they were just being nice).

I guess I am getting a *little* better.

The scene was painted from MEMORY, which means it is not accurate. It
represents a church in Piran, Slovenia that is right on the Adriatic
and has these huge columns under it holding it up. The church is
truly lovely, and the columns were very impressive. After I painted
it, I realized there was a wall between the beach and the grass which
I had forgotten about. That's nto the only thing that is different.
But since Piran is an incredibly lovely town, and the church is
fantastic, maybe you should check it out for yourself! I prolly
should post some of the pictures of it, in case you can't go, but I
don't have time right now.

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