Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wedding in the New Order VII

Wedding in the New Order VII, smudge painting by Mary Stebbins Taitt. Click image to view larger. This painting is part of the series, Wedding in the new Order and was painted for Illustration Friday. It illustrates, among other things, the immediacy, precariousness and risk of love. I have since painted another version of this which you can see here.
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AndyDoodler said...

Wow! Beautiful! Gravity doesn't matter here hey.

Mick said...

Ah, this is very sharp and I love it, Mary. I've also quite enjoyed the last few of these that you've posted now that I stop to think about it. Anyway, I really must know more about this smudge painting thing? Is it a particular software program? Part of a photo editor? Why have I never heard of it until now? Are we there yet? Am I asking too many questions? :D

joy said...

This is fantastic! Where do you sell your paintings?

Your Love Coach

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks so much Andy, Mick and Joy for your visit and comments!

Andy: What is gravity in the face of love? (LOL!)

Mick: You're a card! I have a mini-tutorial on this which I will paste in below. It's in photoshop, the smudge tool. Use a strong brush for longer strokes. (See below.

Joy, I sell my paintings at shows and galleries and also at Cafe press and Imagekind on line. These are PRINTS. They frame them very nicely.
right now there is only one image on Imagekind. I need to load on whatever someone wants to purchase.

Mini tutorial: Start with a photo or composite or art image you'd like to make into a smudge painting, and DUPLICATE IT--don't work on the original. Then make two duplicate layers and turn one of them off in case you make a boo boo, you can recover it.

Then make a new layer over the top.

In the new layer, use the SMUDGE BRUSH set to use all layers and--well--here's where a little experimenting comes in--try different strength setting and see what you like. I use different ones for different purposes. Use a lower setting to brush over the parts of the picture you want in the painting. Then turn off the picture layers and use a high setting to spread the color around. Hint: Use the "find edges" filter on one of the layer copies of the original and then trace or copy those edges for an outline to know where to spread the color to with the smudge brush when the lower layer is turned off. Keep any layers you're not currently using turned off (or they will bleed in--though sometimes this is good).

the "normal" setting works best for spreading color--you can really paint with it. But switching to the other setting when appropriate gives more color, variety and texture. You have to experiment a little 'til you get the hang of it and remember, you can always undo.

Also, if you create a saturation layer above the work layer and turn it on and off while smudge painting, you can get some interesting color effects.

Also, creating "noise" give the brush strokes more texture. (I didn't use them here but I did on the dahlia one and the forget-me-not. Also you can add and change colors as you normally would with brushes, filters etc.

If you need more help/ideas, let me know.

Moi said...

great work and thanks for the tips.....i shall save it to keep with me to try it when i have access to PS

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

You're very welcome! :-D

JoAnn - NL "My digital eyes" :) said...

Hi Mary, Your before anwer make me think "how can you remeber that all? " I made once a design (from a photo I worked with PS) but later I could NOT remeber how I did it,so i am better i photography than PS, bu maybe I learn... who knows.

This picture looks very romantic... good composition... I love it!

:) JoAnn

Thanks for voting ( 2 Details) the score is 6 for B&w and 6 for colour, sooo uhhh...even.:)

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Hi JoAnn!

i DON'T ALWAYS REMEMBER WHAT i DID, OFTEN i DON'T. bUT THIS IS SOMETHING i (oops, caps lock on, sorry) I have now done many times so I am sort of learning how now. I keep discovering new things. The latest thing I learned is how to use the finger painting brush on the smudge tool to add a little color and move it around. It has a more brush-like feel than the brush.

I like BOTH of those but I still like the bw green one better a little as it is very striking.

I'm glad you liked my picture! YAY!

moo said...

I like this vut I prefer the Monday Artday in which I particularly like the roof which looks like it has been embroidered!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks, Moo, I like the Monday artday one better too! I did this one first and published it, thinking I was done with it and THEN spent another couple hours fiddling with the colors the roof, etc. Thanks for your visit! :-D