Thursday, January 26, 2012

Companion IV, Sketchbook Project

Companion IV
by Mary Stebbins Taitt
5 x 5, colored pencils (and a tiny bit of micron pen)
This is my friend's cat.  The friend and cat prefer to remain anonymous. Unfortunately, the drawing on the previous page shows through, to some extent (too much to make me happy.)

Next time, I am going to take the book apart and replace the paper.


Lowell said...

Very nice! I can't see another drawing, though. Or maybe I can see a little bit of one. No prob. The cat stands alone!

Re the two dogs: These were on a mini-donkey farm north of Gainesville, Florida. They were fenced because they jump on strangers. There was another dog, a black lab, but he was running all over the place. The two in the photo were watching our daughter and her family play with the mini-donkeys.

I'll do a post on the smallest donkey in the world on Florida Fotos in a few days.

Good luck with the poetry grant!

Naturegirl said...

How this portrait speaks to me as I once had a white feline I call Casper..he was a gentle giant of white fur pink inside his ears pink nose and the greenest eyes.
A beatutiful portrait..your friend should cherish.
cat lady naturegirl

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thank you so much Lowell and Nature Girl for your very kind and sweet comments.

NatureGirl, I sure do love cats and I know you must have loved Casper (the friendly ghost?)

Lowell, I am really coming down to the wire on my fellowship application--AK! Must get to work ASAP!

Lowell, I'll be looking forward to seeing the tiny donkey--remind me to look.

Mick said...

For scanning purposes, place a black piece of paper behind the page you're copying and you won't get the bleed-through ... this, of course, will not help when perusing the real thing. Meow!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks, Mick, that's useful advice because I do get that show through on my scanner. However, this is one of the Sketchbook Project sketchbooks from the Brooklyn art museum, and the PAPER is crappy, so there is some actual bleed-through from pens that don't normally bleed through. I could fix the digital image, but the book itself is flaweed and the paper is too thin to paint over it with any water media. (the paper wrinkles!)