Friday, December 30, 2011

My Virtual Paintout in Eureka, California

My friend Gail Slaughter who lives near Eureka California sent me a newspaper clipping about the Virtual Paintout.  I decided to try submitting, and this is the first painting I did:

Sequoia Park Zoo, Eureka California
small watercolor on Canson Paper
by me, Mary Stebbins Taitt
The instructions said to go to google maps and using the streetview, choose a view.  I had never done that before, and I thought I'd done it but it turned out to be a photo--I didn't realize it, being unfamiliar with the google maps and streetviews, until it was too late.  So I can't submit it.

So I did another one:

Redwood Highway (101), Eureka, California
by Mary Stebbins Taitt
Unfortunately, being the end of the year and the end of the month, both of these were done more hastily than I would prefer to do them.  But we are out of town visiting and I have limited art supplies and limited time.

(NOTE: we are 400 miles from home and may not be able to get on the internet!)


Mick said...

I love them both, Mary.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks, Mick. I'm in Syracuse.


Lowell said...

Wonderful work, Mary! My favorite is Redwood Highway but I love both of them. In their retirement years, my parents lived in Turlock, California, but my dad continued to work on a part-time, interim basis in...guess what town? Eureka! He loved it up there in the Redwoods.

Welcome to 2012...and may it be the most wonderful yet for you and your family!

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

Thanks so much, Lowell! :-D

HAPPY NEW Year! Happy 2012!