Friday, June 26, 2009

Revisited yet again

I'll explain later if I have time

Explanation: This picture was taken in SYRACUSE, NY, at the quarry ruins behind Syracuse Universities Skytop. I've taken several other versions of this same picture and will try to find them and link to them in case you are interested in the progressive degradation of the image by weather etc.

I find the image interesting, and provocative of "old age and treachery:" changes wrought by aging but also abuse.

I require further time to make the links.

Later: Here's one. This is an "art" piece I did from an earlier photo of this same image. It was sandwiched together with an image of dripping pain taken at the same location.


Mick said...

Please do, Mary. Did you find this in New Hampshire? Why are you in New Hampshire?

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I drove from Detroit to Syracuse to Maine for a memorial service for a friend who recently passed (stroke) and then back through New Hampshire (visited another friend). And back to Syracuse and home.

Noushad. PT said...

Hi Mary...thanks for ur comments on my blog...