Monday, August 11, 2008

Madonna and Child with the Book of Nines (Raphael) [The Book of Hours]

{Madonna and Child, Raphael Pasadena.} This is my last piece in Bagelboy's Mole, so I will be sending it off tomorrow or the next day. My first piece, the crabs ("Confrontation"), was just something I wanted to try. The next three were my attempts at the theme Bagelboy started in his mole. According to Wikipedia, Jesus was conceived at the 9th hour and died on the cross at the 9th hour. The three are the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The original painting was finished by Raphael Pasadena about 1504. As in my other two, I did not attempt to follow the color scheme of the original. (As usual, the image with get larger if you click on it.) PS: If you are wondering why I moved the Baby Jesus, I wanted to put his face in the colored quadrant. (I guess it's not a quadrant if there are nine of them.)

See two more from this series here.

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