Monday, May 15, 2006

Great News

Two pieces of Great News:

I've been invited to show (with others) at an All Digital Show entitled ICONS and IMAGES in Syracuse, New York, at the Technology Garden downtown. Watch for updates. To support this venture, I have started a new webpage that will display all digital aimages: DIGIMAGIK (Digital Image Magic). I'm very excited!

The images in DIGIMAGICK have all been posted to IMAGIK, but are only digital art and are separated by categories. I hope you'll visit sometime. Most of the commenting will end up on this site. At least for now, as DIGIMAGIK is under construction.

I am thinking of DIGIMAGIK as an arm of IMAGIK. The full official name of the show is: Icons & Images: Processing the Work of Art. The opening will be Wed. August 16th. The site is open Monday – Friday. 8am – 5pm.

Other arists include: Sallie Bailey, Dana Bonn, Joe Dube, Crystal LaPointe, Donal & Shel Little, Mick Mather

Another peice of good news is that Keith and I will be getting married June 10, 2006!

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